Made Simple

The Payment Method that Allows Merchants to Collect Money from Multiple People in a Single Order Transaction

Adding SplitOff as a payment method gives your business
a way to combine power of multiple people paying together within a single transaction

It’s getting harder to compete against each other in the e-commerce space, isn’t it?

Do you offer a unique service or compete on price only?

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The utility providers are working hard to retain their customers and acquire new ones.

Do you offer any unique services to differentiate from the competitors? 

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Meet our founders

SplitOff founder

Andrey Shatilov

20+ years in senior positions in banking and software development

Co-Founder & Vice-President (IPO on NASDAQ in 2013)

SplitOff founder

Vitaly Naidion

20+ years of experience in project management and software development.

Co-founder and CTO of Max-TD travel network with more than 500+ travel tour guide websites

SplitOff Partners